Areas of Business

Marketing Activities

Since its founding in 1973, AGF® launched sales of instant coffee, regular coffee, liquid coffee, and individually packaged powder stick coffees one after another, built four distinct brands in the process: “Blendy®”, “Maxim®”, “marim®”, and “AGF® Gift”. The Blendy® brand is especially popular, and has grown into one of the most well-known coffee brands in Japan.

Everyone's tastes are different, and also change at different times in their lifetimes and daily lives. With this background, AGF® keeps a precise grasp of market trends, and proactively engages in marketing activities to constantly deliver new value and great taste to consumers.

Making use of the customer taste data we have built up over many years of surveys and investigations, our company applies this knowledge to the development of products that bring new value to the market, and advertisements that help spread coffee culture in Japan. Our goal is to be the most well-loved beverage manufacturer in Japan, with products to suit all taste.

Research and Development

Delivering health and great taste to customers through our coffee.

Our Research and Development Center and Package Development Department handle the research and development necessary for this vision.

Coffee beans are produced in 60 different countries worldwide, and each variety has its own unique character. The number of aroma compounds found in roasted coffee is as many as 1,000, which deliver coffee flavor.

We continue challenging ourselves to produce ideal flavor and quality of coffee, perfectly suited to Japanese culture and tastes.

Our Research and Development Center conducts research on topics such as what makes coffee delicious, what contributes to its flavor and aroma and what healthy compounds are contained in it, and also develops new products and new manufacturing methods based on this research. Package Development Department develops packages that is both environmentally friendly and easy to use, and introduce the results to the marketplace as complete products.

Also, AGF® Research and Development Center closely works with research and development groups in the Ajinomoto Group to develop new technologies combining specialties of each company.

Sales Activiteis

We carry out solution-oriented business plans, with the goal of having the most trusting relationship possible with our customers.

With a detailed grasp of the changing situations and environments of each of our customers, we promote solution-oriented business plans for individual stores and areas.

AGF® achieves total beverage category management, with a support structure for domestic products, gift packages, and business-oriented offerings.

As a good partner for our customers, we also collaborate on market expansion initiatives.

The information related to needs, problems, and requests learned through business activities is used as feedback for marketing activities, as well as research and development, and is a driving force for strengthening the value chain.