AGF® Philosophy

Corporate Message

Comfort, any time. AGF®

A relaxing time to reset and refresh is indispensable for people to keep their spirits up.

We seek to take on an indispensable role in creating a relaxing society with healthy minds.

AGF® Mission

At AGF®, by providing beverages including coffee and gift products, we aim to contribute to people’s health of “mind” and “body” as well as to their better life tomorrow.

AGF® Vision

At AGF®, by delivering the ultimate in taste and value to all our customers one by one in each and every cup, we strive to be a well-loved Japanese beverage manufacturer.

ASV(Ajinomoto Group Creating Shared Value)

We will co-create with all our business partners and offer 3Rs through our business activities with the aim of achieving a sustainable society, such as the health of "heart" and "body", "connection between people", and "coexistence with the global environment".

3Rs | Relax/Reset/Refresh

The Ajinomoto Group Way

  • Create New Value
  • Pioneer Spirit
  • Social Contribution
  • Value People